Top Tips To Extend Vacuum Circuit Breaker Life Expectancy

How Long Does a Vacuum Circuit Breaker Last? A vacuum circuit…

How Long Does a Vacuum Circuit Breaker Last?

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A vacuum circuit breaker is an electrical device that uses a vacuum to interrupt the circuit and protect electrical equipment from damage. Vacuum circuit breakers are known for their long lifespan, with many models providing reliable service for up to 40 years without failure.

The longest-lasting of these breakers can operate for up to 30 years without needing any maintenance or repairs. This is due in part to their mechanical design, which allows them to perform reliably in all conditions.

Vacuum circuit breakers are also highly durable, since they don’t contain any moving parts that could be affected by wear and tear over time.

Their dependability makes them ideal for use in a wide range of applications, from residential homes to industrial facilities. With regular maintenance and proper operation, a vacuum circuit breaker can provide exceptional performance and reliability for decades.

Common Faults Of Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Vacuum circuit breakers are often susceptible to common faults, particularly as they age. One of the most common is a trip, which occurs when the breaker’s contacts open and the current is interrupted.

This can be caused by a variety of factors, including an overcurrent or short circuit, incorrect control signal, misalignment of the poles, a mechanical failure in the operating mechanism, or if there is too much arc energy released during operation.

Age can also play a factor in these trips; as vacuum circuit breakers get older they become more prone to malfunctioning due to wear and tear on their components.Fortunately, many of these issues can be prevented with regular maintenance and testing of your circuit breaker to ensure it’s running properly and efficiently.

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Tips To Extend Vacuum Circuit Breaker Life Expectancy

Maintenance Intervals Of Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Recommended intervals between maintenance can differ based on many variables, including original equipment manufacturer (OEM) guidelines, environmental and operating conditions, age and condition of the VCB, number of operations on key components, and the criticality of the circuit.

Additionally, the prescribed interval will also be affected by the maintenance philosophy adopted by the equipment operator, facility management, and/or maintenance provider. Industry standards dictate how each of these criteria should be considered when dealing with service-aged VCBs to determine the ideal service intervals to maximize safety, reliability, and cost effectiveness.

Maintenance And Testing

Preventive measures can be considered of key importance in vcb operation and maintenance.


This is one of the simplest maintenance techniques. Insulation maintenance applies to the cleaning of all the insulation surfaces. Any soft cloth like a dry lint-free cloth or dry paper towel can be used to wipe off the dust from the insulation surfaces to ensure their smooth functioning.

If wiping is unable to remove dust properly, distilled water or a mild solvent can be used for the purpose of removing dirt and dust. Once wiped, make sure that all the surfaces have completely dried up before placing the circuit breaker in service. Inspect for any damage to the insulation and ensure that all the wires are tightly connected before putting the circuit breaker back in use.


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 Proper lubrication is required periodically to ensure the overall smooth and correct functioning of all the parts of a vacuum circuit breaker and vcb maintenance.

The gap between relubrication depends on the frequency of the circuit breaker used. Generally, it is suggested to go for relubrication once a year.

For lubrication, a drop of light machine oil can be used. After lubrication, the circuit breaker needs to be operated several times manually and electrically so that the oil is absorbed into the parts properly.

Roller bearings come packed with a high-quality slow oxidizing grease from the vcb manufacturer itself.

Hence, they should be lubricated only when needed.

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