Company profile

Liugao Electric Power Technology Co., ltd is a company specializing in R&D, Production and sales of high voltage transmission and distribution equipment.

There is a saying very perfectly to describe us here that is: The sea is large enough for a fish to swim and jump, and the willow tree of Liugao is high enough for a bird to fly over.

Oil-immersed transformer workshop
Dry type transformer workshop
High voltage circuit breaker workshop

After years of pioneering and innovation, Liugao`s People constantly improve and introduce advanced production equipment and excellent testing methods.

As leading enterprise in the industry, it always adheres to the three high tenets of “high technology, high quality and high service”.

The quality of products has been continuously improved and has now formed many series of product structure and various specifications, that covers the fields of high and medium voltage transmission and distribution systems.

Middle volatage circuit breaker workshop
Complete power equipment workshop
Mutual inductor workshop

Our main products are power transformers, box style substation, cable distribution boxes, high & low voltage switchgear, ring network cabinets, transparent meter boxes, outdoor and indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breakers etc.

They are widely used in urban and rural power grid transformation, transmission and distribution engineering, metallurgy, chemical, mining, railway, construction and living community power engineering projects.

The Company has consistently adhered to a simple philosophy that is ” establishing a good corporate image, creating a quality brand”. Because we cherishedly see the harmony, hard work, pioneering and innovation as our highest tenets .

In today`s economic globalization, and facing the opportunities and challenges, we are guided by the idea of ” never forgetting how you get rich and keeping to make further progress in rich”.

liugao Electric Power is willing to go hand in hand with the vast number of new and old customers to create brilliance and make make new contribution to the construction and development of the power technology industry.