ZW8-12 VCB HV Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker Switch


ZW8-12 VCB HV Outdoor Intelligent Reclosing Remote Control Vacuum Circuit Breaker Switch

Overview Bbout ZW8-12 VCB HV Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker Switch

ZW8-12(G) outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker is a three-phase AC 50Hz outdoor high voltage switch gear. It is composed of operating mechanism, conductive circuit, insulation system, seals and shell.

The overall structure is three-phase box-type. It is used in 12kV rural power grid and urban power system for dividing and combining load current, overload current, short-circuit current and other similar places. Products comply with IEC 62271-100standards

Main Features:

ZW8-12 adopts vacuum interrupter, air insulation and electric spring operating mechanism, which makes the product have strong arc extinguishing ability, high number of short circuit breaking, no fire and explosion hazard, convenient operation and excellent performance.

Product structure description:

1It is equipped with CT23 type spring energy-stored operating mechanism. Energy-stored, opening and closing can be achieved by motor or by manual.

2.ZW8-12G consists of ZW8-12 breaker and isolator, called combined breaker, can be used as sectionalizer.

3.The structure of breaker is of three-phase assembled in a tank, three-phase vacuum arc-extinguishing chamber enclosed in metal tank, insulation material between phases and phase to each made of SMC.

4.reliable performances, and high insulating strength.


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