ZW7-40.5 Outdoor High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker

ZW7-40.5 Outdoor High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker

ZW7-40.5 series outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as “Circuit breaker”) is used for dividing load current, overload current and short circuit current in three-phase power system with AC 50Hz and rated voltage 40.5kV.


ZW7-40.5 Outdoor High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker


Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker Introduction:

Embark on a transformative journey with the ZW7-40.5 Outdoor High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker. Crafted for three-phase AC 50Hz with a rated voltage of 40.5 kV, this breakthrough solution integrates advanced spring or electromagnetic operating mechanisms, offering remote electrical control and manual on-site operations through energy storage.

Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker Compliance with Standards:

Engineered to surpass stringent standards, the ZW7-40.5 meets the criteria of GB1984-89 AC High Voltage Circuit Breaker and IEC62271-100 AC High Voltage Circuit Breaker. It stands out in controlling and safeguarding outdoor 40.5kV transmission and transformation systems.

Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker Versatility in Applications:

Beyond high-voltage environments, the ZW7-40.5 excels in normal operation and short-circuit protection in urban and rural distribution networks, catering to industrial and mining enterprises.

Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker Innovative Structural Design:

Featuring a porcelain bottle strut structure, the breaker strategically positions the vacuum arc-extinguishing chamber in the upper porcelain bottle, with a strut porcelain bottle below. Benefit from features such as excellent sealing, aging resistance, high-voltage durability, non-combustibility, non-explosiveness, long service life, and easy installation and maintenance.

Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker Integrated Components:

Experience a seamless design with three-phase porcelain bottles arranged in a single structure case. The arc-extinguishing dynamic end connects to the spring mechanism’s output shaft through a connecting lever and an insulation pull rod, all housed in a waterproof mechanism case.

Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker Key Components:

Delve into the integral components, including the vacuum arc-extinguishing chamber, current transformer, transmission mechanism, and spring operation mechanism, shaping the ZW7-40.5’s reliability and innovation.

Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker Optimized Performance:

Witness the ZW7-40.5 redefine power control, where meticulous design and attention to detail converge for optimal performance, durability, and ease of operation. Elevate your power system with this outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker, setting new benchmarks in the industry.


Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker


ZW7-40.5, an outdoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker revolutionizing power distribution. Compact and robust, it integrates seamlessly into modern power systems.The ZW7-40.5 features a sleek steel box shell, symbolizing a leap forward in aesthetics and performance. Its miniaturized design ensures durability and efficiency.Tailor your power system with selectable current transformers, offering flexibility and adaptability to meet specific user needs.
Experience the synergy of ZW7-40.5 and intelligent control. It enables both local and remote operations through various communication interfaces.Unlock remote operation potential with versatile communication interfaces, such as cable, optical fiber, GPRS/CDMA, and GSM.Beyond basic control, the ZW7-40.5 offers comprehensive data transmission capabilities, ensuring real-time monitoring and efficient power management.As a trailblazer in outdoor high-voltage circuit breakers, the ZW7-40.5 sets new benchmarks in reliability and efficiency. Revolutionize your power distribution infrastructure with this state-of-the-art solution.

Use environmental conditions

1.Ambientairtemperature:upperlimit+40℃lowerlimit-30℃(general area), – 40℃ (alpine region):
2.Altitude:$1000m(ifthe altitude increases the rated insulation level will be increased accordingly
3.Wind pressure: no more than 700pa (equivalent to wind speed of34m/s;
4. Seismic intensity: no more than 8 degrees;
5. Pollution level: erade V:
6.Maximum daily temperature difference: no more than 25C

Main Technical Parapeter


Item Unit Data
Rated current
A 1250/1600/2000
Rated short circuit breaking current
kA 20/25/31.5
Breaking times of rated short circuit breaking current
Times 20
Rated operation order
Rated short circuit closing current (peak)
kA 50/63/80
Rated withstand current (peak)
kA 50/63/80
Rated short-time withstand current
Rated short circuit duration
s 4
Average opening speed
m/s 1.6±0.2
Average closing speed
m/s 0.6±0.2
Bounce time of contact closing
m/s ≤5
Three-phase closing (opening) synchronization
ms ≤2
Closing time
ms 20~80
Opening time
ms 25~60
Mechanical life
Times 10000
Rated operating voltage and rated voltage of auxiliary circuit
V DC220/110 AC220/110
DC resistance of each phase loop (without transformer)
Allowance abrasion cumulated thickness of the moving and fixed contact
mm 3
kg 800

Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Outline & Installation dimensions
Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker


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