ZW32-40.5 Outdoor High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Product Structural features :

1.Vacuum circuit breaker can greatly improve the reliability of overhead distribution networks by mitigating the impact of momentary faults.

2.Vacuum circuit breaker reduce outages from these transient sources, increasing uptime of power supply.

3.Utilities that deploy reclosers for their overhead distribution networks experience significant reliability improvements.

4.Longer product service life and more resilience to bad weather.


ZW32-40.5 Outdoor High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker


ZW32-40.5 Outdoor High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker series is outdoor high voltare switch equioment with rated volase 40 5KV,  3-phase AC SOHZ, it can be open or close in remote controlling, or energy in manual charging, to open or close by hand.

Design can meet the requirements of GB1984 “AC HIGH VOLTAGE BREAKERS” and comply with the requirements of C62271:100 “HIGH VOLTAGE BREAKER” by International Electrotechnical Commission.

Type ZW32-40.5  is mainly used for controlling and protection of the35KV outdoor transmission system. It is also suitable for normal operation or short circuit protection of urban distribution, rural distribution and mining enterprises power system.

The overal structure of this kind of product is porcelain supporting type.Vacuum Interupter is installed in upper porcelan, below is supporting porcelain. It is suitable for places need frequently operation.

With the features of good sealing, age-resistance, anti-hieh votage, no burning, no explosion, long endurance life, easier for installing and maintenance, etc.

Use environmental conditions

1.Ambientairtemperature:upperlimit+40℃lowerlimit-30℃(general area), – 40℃ (alpine region):
2.Altitude:$1000m(ifthe altitude increases the rated insulation level will be increased accordingly
3.Wind pressure: no more than 700pa (equivalent to wind speed of34m/s;
4. Seismic intensity: no more than 8 degrees;
5. Pollution level: erade V:
6.Maximum daily temperature difference: no more than 25C

Main Technical Parapeter

Outline & Installation dimensions


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