GTXGN-12KV High voltage solid ring insulated cabinet


GTXGN-12KV High voltage solid ring insulated cabinet Electrical control cabinet Switch control cabinet

Introduction of solid ring insulated cabinet

Solid ring insulated cabinet. GTXGN-12 series solid insulated ring network cabinet is a fully insulated, fully sealed, and maintenance-free solid insulated vacuum switchgear. All high-voltage live parts are molded with epoxy resin material with excellent insulation performance, and the vacuum interrupter. Main conductive circuit, insulating support, etc. are organically combined into a whole. And the functional units are connected by a fully insulated solid busbar.

Therefore, the entire switchgear is not affected by the external environment, and the reliability of the operation of the device and the safety of the operator can be ensured. Because the product has the advantages of full insulation, full sealing, and full shielding. It is especially suitable for use in areas with high altitude, high temperature, mixed heat, severe cold, and severe pollution.

Product main features:

Solid insulated fully enclosed switchgear: It is a single or combined main conductive circuit such as isolating switch, grounding switch, main busbar, branch busbar, etc.. Which is made of solid insulating material as the main insulating medium and conductive connection, and then wrapped and encapsulated with solid insulating medium.

Or several modules with certain functions, which can be combined or expanded again with full insulation and full sealing performance. The three-position mechanism adopts an over-center spring design, which has the function of breaking and closing the load current, and can also realize manual and electric operation.

Environment condition:

Ambient temperature: -35℃+45℃, the maximum daily average temperature difference ≤25℃.
The daily average relative humidity is not more than 95%, and the monthly average relative humidity exceeds 90%.
Shock resistance: 8 degrees.
Severe vibration and shock, no fire, chemical corrosion and explosion hazard area


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