HXGN15-12KV Ring network cabinet


HXGN15-12KV Ring network cabinet Electrical control cabinet Switch control cabinet

Introduction about the Ring network cabinet

Ring network cabinet, HXNG15-12 series high pressure ring network cabinet is suitable for, 12kv three-phase ac 50 hz power distribution system, widely used in the construction and reform of city network site engineering, industrial and mining enterprises, high-rise buildings and public facilities, etc., as a ring net power supply unit and terminal equipment, play a power distribution, control and protection of electrical equipment.

The overall structure:

The ring network cabinet is composed of busbar room, load switch (or circuit breaker room), cable room, operating machinery, interlocking mechanism, low-voltage control room and measurement or metering circuit. each compartment is divided by steel plates, which can avoid failures affecting adjacent rooms.

Busba roomr:

The busbar room is arranged on the upper part of the cabinet, and the main busbars are connected together in the busbar room and run through the entire row of switch cabinets. The busbars are arranged horizontally for easy expansion.

Main switch room:

1: Load switch room: a load switch is installed in the switch :room. The shell of the load switch is cast with epoxy resin and filled with SF6 gas as arc extinguishing and insulating medium.

the outlet end of the operating shaft is provided with two transparent hot-pressed plastic end caps, the contact state can be observed through it. SF6 gas density meter or gas density meter with alarm contact can be installed in the opening room according to customer requirements.

2:circuit breaker room: the circuit breaker room is located in the middle of the cabinet. Special vacuum circuit breaker or SF6 circuit breaker can be assembled according to customer needs. Its breaking capacity can meet the operation of normal switching and branch network as well as the short circuit current under special circumstances. Circuit breaker is equipped with elastic operation mechanism, with reclosing function, and reliable action, long service life.

Cable room:

The cable room is mainly used for cable connection, so that single-core and three-core cables can be connected with the simplest unshielded cable head, and the ample space can also accommodate lightning arresters, current transformers, and grounding switch elements.

Designed as standard, the doors have viewing windows and safety interlocks, the cable compartment floor has a sealing cover and appropriately sized cable clamps with brackets. The door front frame of the cable compartment bottom plate can be removed to facilitate cable installation.

Operating mechanism, interlock device and low-voltage control room:

The interlocked low pressure chamber also functions as a control panel. The low-voltage room is equipped with a position indicator with a spring operating mechanism and a mechanical interlocking device.

Auxiliary contacts, trip coils, emergency tripping mechanisms, capacitive live display devices, key locks and electric operating devices can also be installed at the same time.

Space is also available for control loops, recording instruments and protective relays, and the 750mm wide cabinet is equipped with two identical low-voltage compartments to accommodate more accessories.

Product main features:

1. The appearance is beautiful and compact, and the protection level of the shell after the cabinet is more than IP3X.
2. The upper and lower units are modularized, which is convenient for installation and maintenance.
3. The frame of the cabinet adopts a riveted structure to ensure the strength of the cabinet.
4. The integrated low-voltage chamber can be used to install secondary components, and an expandable instrument chamber is provided to install more secondary protection units.
5. Can provide installation pressure relief channel.
6. Adopt SF6 gas-insulated maintenance-free load switch, which is economical and reliable.
7. The operation is simple and convenient.
8. It has a complete five-proof interlocking device with high installation performance.

Environment condition:

Ambient temperature: -35℃+45℃, the maximum daily average temperature difference ≤25℃.
The daily average relative humidity is not more than 95%, and the monthly average relative humidity exceeds 90%.
Shock resistance: 8 degrees.
Severe vibration and shock, no fire, chemical corrosion and explosion hazard area




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