KYN28- 12KV Power distribution cabinets

KYN28A-12 (z) series armored removable AC metal switchgear is a power distribution equipment for 24kV three-phase AC 50 (60) Hz single bus and single bus sectional system.


KYN28- 12KV distribution cabinets Power distribution box switch cubicle control cabinet Inlet and outlet cabinet

Introduction of Power distribution cabinets

Power distribution cabinets. KYN28A-12 (z) series armored removable AC metal switchgear is a power distribution equipment for 24kV three-phase AC 50 (60) Hz single bus and single bus sectional system.

It is mainly used in power plants, small and medium-sized generator power transmission, industrial and mining enterprises power distribution and secondary substation of power systems for power receiving, power transmission and large high-voltage motor starting, etc., for control protection and monitoring.

this device can be equipped with 6-point or 9-point on-line temperature measurement technology, which can realize remote control of the electric operation of grounding switch, electric swing in and out of circuit breaker handcart and internal fault arc protection of switch cabinet, and realize intelligent control of switch cabinet.

The switch equipment has the “five prevention” interlocking function of preventing pushing and pulling the circuit breaker handcart with load, closing the circuit breaker by mistake, closing the circuit breaker when the grounding switch is in the closed position, entering the live compartment by mistake, and closing the grounding switch by mistake when the grounding switch is live.

It can be used with VS1-24 vacuum circuit breaker developed by our company, which is a kind of superior power distribution device.
This product conforms to GB3906 “3-35kv AC metal enclosed switchgear” and IEC62271-200 “rated voltage above 1kV and below 52kv AC metal enclosed switchgear and control equipment”emonstration of the type.

product Structure:

1: Completely metal armored, assembled structure, wide combination scheme.
2: The cabinet is made of imported aluminum-zinc sheet steel, which is processed by machine tools and adopts advanced multi-folding technology. It is connected with rivet nuts and high-strength bolts, with high strength, light weight and strong universality of parts.
3: It can be equipped with VS1-24 series or imported VD4 series vacuum circuit breaker, which has wide applicability and high reliability, and realizes maintenance-free for many years.
4: The handcart has working and testing positions, and each position has positioning and display devices, which are safe and reliable.
5: All kinds of handcarts are changed according to the modular building block to ensure that cars of the same specification can be freely interchanged, and different specifications are not allowed to enter.
6: Grounding switch installation:
A. Installed in the middle of the cabinet (front-mounted), it is convenient for maintenance on both sides of the cabinet.
B. Installed on the back of the cabinet (rear-mounted), it is convenient to lean against the wall to save space.
7: Current transformer installation method:
A. The cable compartment at the rear of the cabinet is installed.
B. The bottom of the large curved plate is hoisted.
8: Up to 9 single-core cables can be installed in the cable compartment.
9: Each high-pressure chamber has a pressure relief channel to ensure personal safety.
10: The highly reliable interlocking device fully meets the safety requirements of “five defenses”.
11: The handcart is transported by a special carrier, which is convenient and flexible to operate.
12: The front and rear doors are equipped with observation windows, which are convenient for observing the working status of the internal components.

Environment condition:

1: It has perfect mechanical and electrical double locking and anti error operation function.
2: The cabinet can be flexibly equipped with VS1, VYG, VD4, VN2 and other vacuum circuit breakers.
3: The roof part adopts ventilation design, that is, it can meet the need of dust prevention and no need to consider the problem of pressure relief.
4: Cabinet use: single axis, double shaft and so on, to meet different requirements.
5: Using Aluminum-zinc composite flanging process, application of flat screw installation, flexible use, convenient, simple and practical, good performance.
6: KYN28-12 in the high voltage electrical equipment quality supervision and inspection center through the full tank type experiment, its design and manufacture fully meet the requirements of GB, DC, IEC standards.


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