LW8-40.5KV 2000A SF6 circuit breaker for substations

LW8-40.5 outdoor SF6 circuit breaker is an outdoor device used in AC 50HZ three-phase 40.5KV power system, to act as the protecting and control unit for grid equipments and industrial mining enterprises equipments.


LW8-40.5KV 2000A low price Tank-type Y-type SF6 circuit breaker for substations

overview about LW8-40.5 outdoor SF6 circuit breaker

Outdoor circuit breaker LW8-40.5 SF6 is an outdoor device used in AC 50HZ three-phase 40.5KV power system, to act as the protecting and control unit for grid equipments and industrial mining enterprises equipments.

It is applicable to locations that need frequent operating in rated current or under repeatedly on/off short circuit current. Containing the current transformer for measurement and protection.

It can directly replace SW2-35 less oil circuit breaker and various types of oil circuit breaker with transition bracket, also be used as a tie breaker and switching capacitor group situations with CT14 type spring mechanism. Click here for more types of vacuum circuit breakers


Product Structural features:

a. The circuit breaker is outdoor small ceramic column structure, which equipped with CT14 spring operation mechanism; mechanism and main part connected with simple installation. It has features of convenient adjustment, reliable operation, suitable for frequent operation; mechanism service life more than 3000 times;
b. Adopt air-compression arc-extinguishing structure, with strong breaking capacity, 40kA total breaking times up to 12, which is the highest in China;
c. Reliable sealing performance. Adopt import seal; dynamic seal adopts “V” type sealing ring with spring pressure compensation structure; the transformer secondary wiring board matched by cooperative enterprises, to ensure the annual leakage rate less than 1 %;
d. Inner current transformer adopts micro crystallizing alloy high magnetic materials, with accurate class up to grade 0.2 or grade 0.2S. According to users’ needs, it can be matched with 12 transformers, to meet the load line of 50 km without restrike.

Product use environment:
Installation site:outdoor
Ambient temperature: -25℃~+40℃
Max. daily temperature difference ≤25℃
Height above sea level:2000m(no limit for specified order)
Air humidity Daily average:≤95%;
month average:≤90%;
Wind speed: ≤34m/s
Solar radiation:≤0.1W/cm2(fine day, noon)
Earthquake intensity horizontal:≤0.3g;vertical:≤0.15g
Icing thickness:≤10mm
Creepage distance:25mm/kV or 31mm/kV
Static load on terminal in Y-direction: 1250N
Static load on terminal in X-direction: 750N
Static load on terminal in Z-direction: 1000N


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