GW8-40.5,72.5,126 (W) Neutral Point Disconnec Switch


GW8-40.5,72.5,126 (W) Neutral Point Disconnect Switch

Introduction of Neutral Point Disconnect Switch

Neutral Point Disconnect Switch. This disconnector consists of post insulator,porcelain insulator and conductive  parts. There  are  static  contact and busbar  junction  panel on  the top of post insulator,and there  are  metal  base, operating  crank  arm  and  operating insulator between post insulator and porcelain insulator base.

The  male contact is mounted on the base,and  the CSB-5 manual operating mechanism connects with the male contact through the connecting bar,operating  insulator and crank arm-lt also can  match  with CJ6  dynamoelectric operating mechanism.


The “GW9-10G” type of outdoor high voltage isolate  switch  is  the  high voltage switch equipment  of  single phase AC 50Hz. The  product  is  suitable  for power system with rated voltage 10kV to make or break power  supply  under circumstances  of  with  voltage and nonload.

The isolator is adopts isolated hook rod to operated.

Normal service conditions

1.The altitude does not exced 1000m;

2.The ambient air temperature:Maximum +40℃;Minimum:General Area -30℃,Paramos -40℃;

3.The wind pressure does not exceed 700Pa.(corresponding to 34m/s wind speed);

4.The earthquake intensity does not exceed 8 degrees;

5.The working situation is without frequent violent vibration;

6.The installation site of ordinary type isolator should be kept away  form  gas, smoke  chemical  deposition, salt-spray  fog, dust

and other explosive and corrosive maters that affect seriously insulation and conduction capability of the isolator.

7.Pollution-proof type isolator is applies to severe filthy conduction  area, however ,  it  shouldn’t  be  any  explosive  matters and

matters causing fire.

Overall and Installation Dimension

The isolator can be installed vertically or slant. Please see figure for overall and installation dimension.Please see Fig for Overall dimension of type GWR1-0.5-600 low voltage fuse type isolator outdoor



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