Indoor High-Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker Zn85-40.5

Our products are widely used in:
1 – Transformers and distribution substations
2 – Generator control and protection
3 – Capacitor bank control and protection, etc


Indoor High-Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker Zn85-40.5
Indoor High-Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker Zn85-40.5

ZN85 40.5KV 2000A High quality high-voltage distribution cabinet high-current switch

Elevate your power system with the ZN85-40.5 Indoor High-Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker, a cutting-edge solution designed for excellence. Our commitment to quality and professional technology sets us apart, instilling trust in our customers for products like the LW24 40.5KV Sulfur Hexafluoride Circuit Breaker and the 20KV Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker.


Key Features:

  1. Versatile Applications: Suitable for indoor use in three-phase AC 50Hz systems with a rated voltage of 40.5kV.
  2. Spring Operating Mechanism: Equipped with the CT19 spring operating mechanism for reliable and efficient performance.
  3. Two Configuration Options:
    • Fixed Type: Designed for use in XGN17-40.5 box-type fixed high-voltage switchgear.
    • Handcart Type: Configured for use in JYN1-40.5 handcart, JYN-40.5 removable metal-enclosed switchgear, or GBC high-voltage switchgear. Also compatible with KYN10-40.5 assembled metal-enclosed switchgear on KYN10-40.5 handcart.
  4. Advanced Technology: Utilizes advanced technology and raw materials in the production process, ensuring compliance with international standards.
  5. Automated Operation: Fully automated manufacturing process, enhancing efficiency and precision.
  6. Global Presence: Our meticulous manufacturing, strict management system, and scientific quality inspection methods have made our products well-received in countries worldwide.

Choose the ZN85-40.5 Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker for a reliable and advanced solution that exceeds customer expectations.

Indoor High-Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker Zn85-40.5

overview about High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker ZN85 40.5KV 2000A

Introducing the ZN85-40.5/2000-31.5 Indoor High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker, a cutting-edge solution designed for versatile applications in industrial and mining enterprises, power plants, and substations. This circuit breaker is tailored for three-phase AC 50Hz systems with a rated voltage of 40.5KV, addressing load current, overload current, and fault current requirements.

Key Features:

  1. Compact Design: The circuit breaker and operating mechanism are arranged vertically, effectively reducing its depth.
  2. Composite Insulation Structure: Three independent epoxy resin insulated tubes separate the arc extinguishing chamber and charged body, enhancing insulation.
  3. Space-Efficient: Meets air distance and climbing distance requirements under normal operation conditions, effectively reducing the overall volume.
  4. Innovative Arc Extinguishing Chamber: The vacuum arc extinguishing chamber is installed in the insulated cylinder, resulting in a phase spacing of only 300mm.
  5. Reliable Electrical Connection: The main circuit adopts fixed connection for high reliability, with the insulation barrel mounted above the breaker frame.
  6. Specialized Spring Operating Mechanism: Specially designed for this circuit breaker, it seamlessly integrates into the overall structure, offering a simple design and optimal performance.
  7. Reasonable Layout: The overall layout is aesthetically pleasing, compact in size, ensuring flexible operation, reliable electrical performance, and a long service life.
  8. Maintenance-Friendly: Easy maintenance and a maintenance-free mechanism contribute to the circuit breaker’s durability.
  9. Wide Range of Applications: Suitable for frequent operation and challenging operating conditions in transformers, distribution substations, generator control, capacitor bank control, and protection applications.

Choose the ZN85-40.5/2000-31.5 for a reliable, efficient, and adaptable solution for your high-voltage circuit breaking needs.

Product Structural features:

  1. Strategic Arc Extinguishing Chamber Placement: The circuit breaker features an upper-positioned arc extinguishing chamber, facilitating convenient debugging of the entire structure under the mechanism.
  2. Innovative Composite Insulation Structure: Designed with a compact and lightweight composite insulation structure using both air and organic materials.
  3. Versatile Vacuum Interrupter Options: The circuit breaker offers flexibility with the option to equip it with vacuum interrupters from Cutler-Hammer Company in the United States or the domestic ZMD vacuum interrupter. The longitudinal magnetic field arc extinguishing design ensures low interception and excellent asymmetric breaking performance.
  4. Efficient Spring Operating Mechanism: Boasting a simple spring operating mechanism, the circuit breaker provides up to 10,000 operations without the need for maintenance.
  5. User-Friendly Screw Drive Mechanism: The screw drive mechanism is not only labor-saving but also ensures stability and self-locking performance, enhancing overall reliability.

Choose the ZN85-40.5 for a circuit breaker that combines innovation, versatility, and user-friendly features to meet your high-voltage circuit-breaking needs.

Indoor High-Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker Zn85-40.5

ZN85-40.5 Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker(ZN85-40.5)


Unit Value
Rated voltage KV 40.5
1min power frequency withstand voltage (effective value) KV 95
Lightning impulse withstand voltage (peak) KV 185
Rated frequency Hz 50
Rated current A 1250, 1600, 2000
Rated short-time withstand current KA 25. 31.5
Rated peak withstand current KA 63, 80
Rated short circuit duration S 4
Rated short-circuit breaking current KA 25, 31.5
Rated short-circuit making current KA 63, 80
Nominal Operation Sequence 0-0.3s-Co-180s-Co
Breaking time ms < 80
Rated short-circuit breaking current breaking times times 230
Breaking current of a single capacitor bank A 630
Back-to-back capacitor bank breaking current A 400
Rated operating voltage V 110/-110 ~220/-22
Mechanical life times 10000


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