Gw13 Outdoor High Voltage Isolating Switch



Gw13 Outdoor High Voltage Isolating Switch

Upgrade your high-voltage transmission system with the GW5 Outdoor High Voltage Isolating Switch. This switch is purpose-built for high-voltage transmission lines, buses, and circuit breaker maintenance, ensuring efficient electrical isolation in a secure and reliable manner.

 Voltage Isolating Switch Compliance with Stringent Standards

The Gw13 Outdoor High Voltage Isolating Switch adheres to strict standards, including GB1985 and IEC-129, making it a reliable and safe choice for your power infrastructure. Its compliance ensures robust performance, and it meets essential safety requirements.

 Voltage Isolating Switch Compact Design for Easy Installation

Crafted with simplicity in mind, the GW5 switch boasts a compact design that facilitates easy installation and debugging. Its straightforward structure, along with a small volume, adds to the convenience of integrating this switch into your power transmission system.

 Voltage Isolating Switch Robust Construction for Reliable Operation

Consisting of three monopoles and a mechanism, each single-pole isolating switch is built with quality materials. The main circuit, featuring copper material and silver-plated contacts, ensures a robust flow capacity. The CS17 manual mechanism provides a light and flexible operation, contributing to the overall reliability of the switch.

 Voltage Isolating Switch Preventing Misoperation and Customizable Features

To prevent misoperation, the GW5 switch includes a thoughtful mechanical interlocking mechanism between the output shaft. Furthermore, the switch can be equipped with an electromagnetic lock, and it offers customization options such as the CJ11-type electric operating mechanism to meet diverse user requirements.

Versatile Application in Power Plants

Widely employed in power plants and other high-voltage applications, the GW5 Isolating Switch stands as a cost-effective and reliable solution. Its versatility and adherence to stringent standards make it a valuable component for enhancing the efficiency and safety of your power infrastructure.

Gw13 Outdoor High Voltage Isolating Switch

The “GW9-10G” type of outdoor high voltage isolate switch is the high voltage switch equipment of single phase AC 50Hz. The product is suitable for power system with rated voltage 10kV to make or break power supply under circumstances of with voltage and nonload.

The isolator is adopts isolated hook rod to operated.

Normal service conditions
1.The altitude does not exced 1000m;
2.The ambient air temperature:Maximum +40℃;Minimum:General Area -30℃,Paramos -40℃;
3.The wind pressure does not exceed 700Pa.(corresponding to 34m/s wind speed);
4.The earthquake intensity does not exceed 8 degrees;
5.The working situation is without frequent violent vibration;
6.The installation site of ordinary type isolator should be kept away form gas, smoke chemical deposition, salt-spray fog, dust
and other explosive and corrosive maters that affect seriously insulation and conduction capability of the isolator.
7.Pollution-proof type isolator is applies to severe filthy conduction area, however , it shouldn’t be any explosive matters and matters causing fire.

Structure And Mounting Dimensions

Gw13 Outdoor High Voltage Isolating Switch

Rated voltagekV40.5、72.5、 126
Rated insulation level1min power frequency withstand voltage RMSto the groundkV 95、160、230
fracturekv85、 200、 230+70
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage (peak)to the groundkV185、 350、 550
Rated frequencyHz50
Rated currentA630
Rated short-time withstand currentkA20
Rated peak withstand currentkA50
Rated Short Circuit Duration Main/GroundS4
Rated terminal mechanical loadPlunge horizontallyN1000
Creepage distancevertical forceN750
Creepage distancemm1013、 1256、 1813、2284 、3150、3906
Mechanical lifetimes10000
Motor operating mechanismmodelCJ6B
Motor voltageVAC380、 AC220、DC220、 DC110
Control loop voltageVAC380、 AC220、DC220、 DC110
Opening and closing timeS8±1
Human operatormodelCS17、CS17-G
Electromagnetic lock voltageVDC220、AC220
Product weightsingle groundkg130、180、220



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