Dry type power transformer 33kv

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Elevate your power solutions with 33kV Dry-Type Transformers—essential for diverse applications. Compact, eco-friendly, and efficient, these transformers redefine modern power distribution. No oil, no hassle—just reliable, adaptable, and high-performance transformers for a sustainable energy future.


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Dry type power transformer 33kv Product Description

In various applications, ranging from local lighting and high-rise buildings to airports, wharfs, and CNC machinery installations, the 33kV Dry-Type Power Transformer proves to be an essential component. This versatile transformer distinguishes itself by not immersing its iron cores and windings in insulating oil, defining the concept of dry-type transformers.

transformer Efficient Cooling Methods:

The cooling methods employed in these transformers include both natural air cooling (AN) and forced air cooling (AF). With natural air cooling, the transformer demonstrates the ability to operate continuously at its rated capacity for extended periods. On the other hand, the introduction of forced air cooling increases the transformer’s output capacity by an impressive 50%, enhancing its overall performance.

transformer Adaptability to Overload Conditions:

Designed for intermittent overload operation or emergency overload situations, the 33kV Dry-Type Power Transformer proves its adaptability. During periods of overload, where load loss and impedance voltage experience significant increases, the transformer remains a viable solution. However, continuous overload operation for extended durations is discouraged due to non-economic implications.

In conclusion, the 33kV Dry-Type Power Transformer stands as a beacon of efficiency and adaptability in diverse applications. With its innovative cooling methods and capability to handle overload situations, it ensures sustained and reliable performance in the ever-evolving landscape of electrical systems. Choose efficiency, choose adaptability – choose the 33kV Dry-Type Power Transformer for your power distribution needs.

Dry Type Transformer

Dry Type Transformer

transformer Introduction:

In the realm of cutting-edge power solutions, the 33kV Dry-Type Power Transformer emerges as a beacon of innovation and reliability. Through meticulous construction, environmental considerations, enhanced durability, efficient cooling mechanisms, and versatile applications, this transformer redefines the standards for modern power distribution.

transformer Construction and Material Selection:

To begin with, the high voltage winding, meticulously crafted from lacquered copper wire, and the low voltage winding, composed of copper foil, lay the foundation for the transformer’s exceptional performance. Filled with fiberglass felt and encapsulated in imported epoxy resin under vacuum conditions, the transformer forms a robust, mechanically strong structure. Consequently, this construction ensures minimal partial discharge, high reliability, and a solid composition after curing.

transformer Safety and Environmental Considerations:

Transitioning to safety and environmental considerations, this transformer boasts flame retardancy and explosion-proof features. Moreover, its eco-friendly nature ensures no environmental pollution, making it suitable for installation in load centers, thereby aligning seamlessly with its commitment to environmental protection.

transformer Enhanced Durability and Operational Adaptability:

Moving on to durability and operational adaptability, the transformer’s unique design prevents moisture absorption. As a result, it can operate in 100% relative humidity and harsh environments without requiring dewatering. Additionally, its strong resistance to short circuits, high lightning impact level, and substantial overload capacity underline its durability in challenging conditions.

transformer Efficient Cooling and Compact Design:

Transitioning to efficient cooling and a compact design, the transformer features a thin resin insulation layer, ensuring excellent heat dissipation. While the preferred cooling method is natural air cooling (AN), an optional air cooling system (AF) is available for transformers of any protection level. The low loss and high power-saving capabilities make it an economical choice, requiring minimal maintenance. Its compact size, light weight, and small footprint facilitate convenient installation.

transformer Versatile Applications:

Concluding the discussion on versatility, the SC(B) series, as a cutting-edge dry-type transformer, is tailored for diverse applications. Whether in high-rise buildings, theatres, hospitals, industrial enterprises, offshore platforms, ships, subways, stations, airports, power plants, or residential areas, it seamlessly meets the power supply needs of a wide spectrum of environments.

In essence, the 33kV Dry-Type Power Transformer represents a transformative leap in power distribution, blending innovation, reliability, and adaptability for a sustainable energy future.

Dry Type Transformer Dry Type Transformer Dry Type Transformer


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