KC11 11KV 24KV 33KV 100A 200A cutout high voltage fuse


KC11 11KV 24KV 33KV 100A 200A cutout high voltage fuse cutout EasyLine

overview of cutout high voltage fuse

cutout high voltage fuse and load-drop fuses are outdoor high voltage protection appliances. It is installed on the high voltage side of the distribution transformer or on the branch line of the distribution line. used as a short circuit of the transformer and the line, overload protection and split load current.

The drop fuse is composed of two parts:

An insulating bracket and a fuse tube. The static contact is installed at two ends of the insulating bracket, the movable contact is installed at both ends of the fuse tube, and the fuse tube is composed of an inner arc extinguishing tube and an outer layer.

It consists of a phenolic paper tube or an epoxy glass tube. The load drop fuse enhances the elastic auxiliary contact and the arc extinguishing cover to divide and combine the load current.

Product use environment:

1. The ambient temperature is not higher than +40 C, not lower than-40 C

2.The altitude does not exceed 3000m

3.The maximum wind speed does not exceed 35m/s

4.The earthquake intensity does not exceed 8 degrees



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