YB6-11/15/33/0.4KV 50-2000KVA Export type American Prefabricated Box Substation


YB6-11/15/33/0.4KV 50-2000KVA Export type American Prefabricated Box Substation

Introduction of American Prefabricated Box Substation

American Prefabricated Box Substation.YB6 series substation is american type combined substation with function of high voltage control, protect, power transformation and distribution. Usually used in urban and rural power distribution system .The high voltage load switch and high voltage fuse of this product are installed in the oil of the transformer, with the two structure: in same case with the transformer and in different case with transformer.






Product structure features:

1.Compact structure with small volume, the volume is 1/3-1/5 of European style substation in same capacity. It reduce the floor space efficiently.
2.Whole sealing and full insulated structure ,no need insulation distance. This can protect personal safety
3.High voltage wiring can used both in looped network and terminal with high reliability and flexibility
4.The transformer is with excellence performance, low loss, low Noise, low temperature rise, high overload capacity, strong impact resistant ability and high anti-short circuit capacity .
5.Cable head with two type: 200A elbow connector and 600A “T” type fixed cable connector. Both can equiped with all insulated ZnO lightning conductor.200A elbow connector can use with load plug and with the function of insulation switch

Environment condition:

1. Ambient air temperature: -5~+40 and the average temperature should not exceed +35 in 24h.
2. Install and use indoors. Altitude above sea level for operation site should not exceed 2000M.
3. Relative humidity should not exceed 50% at max temperature +40. Higher relative humidity is allowed at lower temperature. Ex. 90% at +20. But in view of the temperature change, it is possible that moderate dews will produce casually.
4. Installation gradient not exceed 5.
5. Install in the places without fierce vibration and shock and the sites insufficient to erode the electrical components.
6. Any specific requirement, consult with manufactory.



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