38.5KV Oil Immersed Transformer

35kV and 38.5kV 800kVA Hermetically Sealed Distribution Transformer crafted by Liugao Electric Group. Employing the efficient ONAN cooling method and operating at a rated frequency of 50Hz/60Hz, these transformers exemplify cutting-edge technology. Our transformers have gained global acclaim, finding homes in numerous countries, with a particular stronghold in Asia, Africa, South America, and the Middle East. Trust in Liugao Electric Group for reliable, high-performance solutions in the realm of 38.5KV oil-immersed transformers.


S11-11KV Oil Immersed TransformerOil Immersed Transformer

Features of Products

  • Versatile Functionality:
  • As a vital component in power infrastructure, this transformer plays a dual role. Not only does it elevate voltage for efficient power transmission to electricity-consuming areas, but it also reduces voltage to various utilization levels, ensuring optimal electricity utilization. Simply put, the transformer is indispensable for both step-up and step-down processes.
  • Critical Role in Power Transmission:
  • Within the power system’s transmission process, unavoidable voltage and power losses occur. As power is transmitted, voltage loss is inversely proportional to voltage, and power loss is inversely proportional to the square of the voltage. The S11 Series Transformer serves a crucial role in mitigating these losses by increasing voltage, thereby reducing power transmission losses.

Trust in the reliability and efficiency of our S11 Series 33kV Power Transformer to enhance your power transmission capabilities and minimize energy losses. Elevate your power infrastructure with cutting-edge technology designed to meet the evolving needs of the energy landscape.


GB1094.1-2013:GB1094.2-2013;GB1094.3-2013;GB1094.5-2008GB/T6451-2008;GB/T1094.10-2003;JB/T10088-2004 IEC60076:SANS 780STANDARDS

38.5KV Oil Immersed Transformer Features of Products

1.Compact and Aesthetic Design: This transformer stands out with its compact structure, visually appealing design, low temperature rise, and minimal noise, coupled with a robust overload capacity.

2.Innovative Tank Structure: The fully sealed corrugated oil tank structure ensures optimal performance by preventing air and water contact, reducing oil aging, and extending the transformer’s service life. The corrugated sheet’s elastic deformation efficiently accommodates volume changes due to thermal expansion and contraction.

3.Outdoor Resilience: Crafted for outdoor use, this transformer exhibits a high level of anti-pollution resilience. Its maintenance-free operation, without the need for transformer oil replacement during normal use, guarantees the safe and reliable performance of the power grid.

4.Pressure Release Safety Mechanism: Equipped with a pressure release safety protection device, the transformer ensures reliability. In case of a failure leading to excessive pressure, the pressure release valve efficiently prevents potential accidents by safely releasing pressure.

5.Versatile Sealing Options: Users can choose between two sealing options – box edge welding and bolt fastening, providing flexibility and ease of customization.

Elevate your power distribution infrastructure with our feature-rich 38.5KV Oil Immersed Transformer, designed for unparalleled efficiency, longevity, and safety. Trust in our innovative solution to power your future.

S11 series three phase distribution transformer

Oil Immersed Transformer

S11、S11-M series 11kV distribution transformer technical data

Oil Immersed Transformer



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