LW36-126 110KV Outdoor High Voltage AC Circuit Breaker


LW36-126 110KV 3150A Station Substation Outdoor High Voltage AC  Circuit Breaker

overview about this Outdoor High Voltage AC  Circuit Breaker

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Outdoor High Voltage AC  Circuit Breaker. LW36-126/3150-40 type self-energy AC high voltage sulfur hexafluoride circuit breaker is an outdoor product, suitable for areas not exceeding 3000 meters above sea level, ambient temperature not lower than -40 degrees Celsius, and pollution level not higher than class IV.

In the power grid with AC 50Hz and maximum voltage of 145KV, it is used to cut off the rated current, fault current or conversion line to realize the control and protection of the power system, and can also be used as a tie circuit breaker.

This product uses SF6 gas as the arc extinguishing and insulating medium, adopts the most advanced self-energy arc extinguishing technology in the world, and is equipped with a new type of spring operating mechanism.

It has the characteristics of long electrical life, low operating power, low noise and high reliability. It has simple structure, small size and long period of no maintenance. It is the most reliable product in high altitude area or 132KV power system, and can replace imported products of the same type.

Product Structural features:

1.Adopt self-extinguish principle, small operating energy, light mechanical impact;
2.Use spring mechanism, its performance is not relevant to temperature, stable performance;
3.Optimized interrupter structure and movement curve of contact, high reliability on breaking current;
4.Reignite and restrike cannot occur under breaking capacitive current;
5.Optimized pole and frame design with higher capability to endure earthquake;
6.High reliability, long average normal service time, low maintenance cost;
7.Convenient installation and configuration in field, it takes only one day or two days;
8.Low operating noise, suit for residential area

Product use environment:

Installation site:outdoor
Ambient temperature: -25℃~+40℃
Max. daily temperature difference ≤25℃
Height above sea level:2000m(no limit for specified order)
Air humidity Daily average:≤95%;
month average:≤90%;
Wind speed: ≤34m/s
Solar radiation:≤0.1W/cm2(fine day, noon)
Earthquake intensity horizontal:≤0.3g;vertical:≤0.15g
Icing thickness:≤10mm
Creepage distance:25mm/kV or 31mm/kV
Static load on terminal in Y-direction: 1250N
Static load on terminal in X-direction: 750N
Static load on terminal in Z-direction: 1000N


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