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  • Oil Immersed Transformer

    11kV Three Phase Oil Immersed Distribution Transformer

    11kV Three Phase Oil Immersed Distribution Transformer, these transformers boast a fully oil-filled, sealed corrugated tank, ensuring optimal expansion performance and efficient heat dissipation. The design features a new insulation structure for improved short-circuit resistance, a high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel core, and high-efficiency oxygen-free copper windings in a multi-layer cylindrical structure. All fasteners undergo special anti-loosening treatment, solidifying the S-M series as a benchmark in reliability for 11kV three-phase oil-immersed distribution transformers.

  • Outdoor 10-35kv Oil filled Combined Transformer

    Constructed from top-tier materials and adhering to rigorous safety standards, the Outdoor 10-35kV Oil-Filled Combined Transformer stands as an optimal solution for outdoor installations. With its excellence in design, this transformer is the ideal choice for efficient power distribution in residential, commercial, and industrial applications.