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  • Oil Immersed Transformer

    11kV Three Phase Oil Immersed Distribution Transformer

    11kV Three Phase Oil Immersed Distribution Transformer, these transformers boast a fully oil-filled, sealed corrugated tank, ensuring optimal expansion performance and efficient heat dissipation. The design features a new insulation structure for improved short-circuit resistance, a high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel core, and high-efficiency oxygen-free copper windings in a multi-layer cylindrical structure. All fasteners undergo special anti-loosening treatment, solidifying the S-M series as a benchmark in reliability for 11kV three-phase oil-immersed distribution transformers.

  • Dry Type Transformer

    Dry type power transformer 33kv

    Features of Products

    Elevate your power solutions with 33kV Dry-Type Transformers—essential for diverse applications. Compact, eco-friendly, and efficient, these transformers redefine modern power distribution. No oil, no hassle—just reliable, adaptable, and high-performance transformers for a sustainable energy future.


    Full complied with GB/T10228-2008GB1094.11-2007EC60076 STANDARDS

  • Outdoor Single Phase 35kv Oil PT Transformer

    Liugao is Outdoor Single Phase 35kv Oil PT Transformer manufacturer.Filled with oil for efficient heat dissipation and winding insulation, this transformer is a crucial element in high-voltage power distribution systems. It ensures safe and efficient electricity distribution to end-users, making it an indispensable component of such systems.