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  • Dry Type Transformer

    Dry type power transformer 33kv

    Features of Products

    Elevate your power solutions with 33kV Dry-Type Transformers—essential for diverse applications. Compact, eco-friendly, and efficient, these transformers redefine modern power distribution. No oil, no hassle—just reliable, adaptable, and high-performance transformers for a sustainable energy future.


    Full complied with GB/T10228-2008GB1094.11-2007EC60076 STANDARDS

  • Outdoor 10-35kv Middle Voltage Combined Transformer

    The transformer is designed to combine the functions of a voltage transformer and a current transformer, which are necessary for accurate and reliable metering and protection of the distribution system. It is typically equipped with high-voltage bushings, low-voltage bushings, and a tank for insulation and cooling.

  • Outdoor 10-35kv Middle Voltage Current Transformer

    This type of CT typically consists of a primary winding that is connected to the high voltage power line, and a secondary winding that is connected to a measuring instrument, such as a meter or protective relay. The transformer’s job is to step down the high voltage current into a lower value suitable for the measuring instrument to handle.

  • Outdoor 10-35kv Oil filled Combined Transformer

    Constructed from top-tier materials and adhering to rigorous safety standards, the Outdoor 10-35kV Oil-Filled Combined Transformer stands as an optimal solution for outdoor installations. With its excellence in design, this transformer is the ideal choice for efficient power distribution in residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

  • Outdoor 10kv-35kv Middle Voltage Potential Transformer

    This type of potential transformer typically consists of a primary winding connected to the high voltage source and a secondary winding connected to a measuring instrument. The primary winding is made up of a high voltage bushing, while the secondary winding is wound around a magnetic core. The magnetic core provides a stable and accurate voltage ratio between the primary and secondary windings.

  • Outdoor 35-220kv High Voltage Current Transformer

    An Outdoor 35-220kV High Voltage Current Transformer (HVCT) is a type of instrument transformer designed to measure high currents in power systems with voltages ranging from 35kV to 220kV. The HVCT works by stepping down the high current flowing through a power line to a lower, measurable level, which is proportional to the primary current.

    Transformer ratio – 1500/5 Accuracy class – 0,5/10Р/10Р/10Р

  • Outdoor 35KV-220KV High Voltage potential transformer

    The outdoor 35KV-220KV high voltage potential transformer is typically installed in a high voltage substation, and it is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures, humidity, and exposure to rain, snow, and wind.

    Voltage transformer U1=220/√3 kV, U2=100/√3 V, accuracy class 0,2, ІЕС 61869

    Transformer ratio – 1500/5 Accuracy class – 0,5/10Р/10Р/10Р

  • Outdoor Single Phase 35kv Oil PT Transformer

    Liugao is Outdoor Single Phase 35kv Oil PT Transformer manufacturer.Filled with oil for efficient heat dissipation and winding insulation, this transformer is a crucial element in high-voltage power distribution systems. It ensures safe and efficient electricity distribution to end-users, making it an indispensable component of such systems.