Current Transformer Vs Voltage Transformer : What’s The Difference?

What is a Current Transformer? A Current Transformer, or CT, is…

What is a Current Transformer?

busbar type current transformer

A Current Transformer, or CT, is a type of transformer used to measure high current in an electrical circuit. It works by using a primary winding of the current transformer to step-down the voltage and reduce the current.

This then passes through a secondary winding of the current transformer and allows for it to be accurately measured without disrupting the circuit. The output of a CT can be used to provide input signals for measuring instruments and protection relays.

In addition, its use in power system monitoring provides data that can be used to make informed decisions about how best to maintain system stability. Because of its ability to accurately measure high current without disruption, the current transformer is essential for any electrical system.

What is a Voltage Transformer?

A voltage transformer, or potential transformer (PT), is a type of instrument transformer used to step down high voltage to a safer level. It measures the voltage of an electrical power system and has the capability to convert it into another form.

Potential transformers are used to measure current and potential in AC circuits, as well as provide isolation between high-voltage circuits and measuring instruments.

They are typically installed at the service entrance of buildings and near major equipment such as switchgear, circuit breakers, and transformers.

Voltage transformers are one type of instrument transformer which also includes current transformers and combined instrument transformers.

voltage transformer

Instrument transformers are essential for safely measuring and controlling an electric power system’s high voltage levels.

Difference between Current Transformer and Potential Transformer or Voltage Transformer

Main Difference Between CT And PT

The main difference between the Current Transformer and Voltage Transformer is that the Current Transformer is the transformer that converts the high value of current into low value, whereas Voltage Transformer changes the high-value voltage into low value.

Difference On Their Definition

A current transformer ( CT ) is the type of transformer that converts high-level current into lower level. On the other hand, the potential transformer is a kind of transformer that reduces high-voltage to low-voltage. The former has no other name whereas; the latter is sometimes referred to as a potential transformer.

Difference On Core Material

The core of the current transformer is mainly composed of silicon steel, whereas the potential transformer consists of high-grade steel and functions with a low flux density. The current transformer is connected to the circuit as a series, thus allowing all line current to go through its winding. By contrast, a potential transformer is joined to the circuit in parallel form, leading to full line voltage going through its winding.

Difference On The Number Of Turns

There are few turns in the primary twisting or winding of the current transformer, while the secondary twisting or winding shows a large number of turns. On the other hand, the primary winding of the potential transformer has a large revolution number, but its secondary winding takes a few revolutions. So, the current transformer is a type of step-up transformers, while the potential transformer is a type of step-down transformer.

Difference On Their Forms

The current transformer has two varieties, specifically a closed core design and a wound core style. On the other hand, the potential transformer also has two forms, an electromagnetic type and capacitor voltage type. In a current transformer, flux density and excitation current can range from small to large values while in a potential transformer they stay within a limited scope.

Difference On Their Application

The current transformer is employed to determine current and power, activate the protective relay and monitor the electricity grid functioning, etc. On the other hand, the voltage transformer is used for measuring, supplying power and engaging a safety relay, etc.

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